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Author's Note: It should be kept in mind, if you are actually contemplating spending time on this web page, that I have no background that would lend credence to anything found here. My only credentials are a humble mechanical engineering degree and a lifelong interest in science and astronomy. So why should I dare to venture an idea or opinion in these areas far outside of my realm of knowledge. Well, I will claim that it's not my fault. Great minds past and present have made, and continue to make, the grave mistake of writing interesting books and giving captivating lectures, now freely available on YouTube, all geared towards enlightening the general public. People watch that stuff and read those books, you know! So what is an active mind supposed to do after immersing itself in the great thoughts put forth by those who have spent their lives investigating the mysteries of the universe? Some of us create foundationless theories and then shamelessly post a web page about them. Welcome!

The "BIG SMASH" Theory
by K. J. Kuehn, October 21, 2015

The Big Bang ideally would have produced equal amounts of matter and antimatter, and lucky for us, that's not what happened. But was it just an accident that more normal matter was produced? The Big Bang leaves the asymemetry between matter and antimatter to events that occurred after the initial Big Bang event. But if the universe's preference for normal matter wasn't just a fortuitous occurrence then what initial conditions could be applied to the Big Bang singularity, or to conditions before, that would lead to a normal matter bias.

So, here is the Big Smash Theory which basically says that if you wind the cosmic clock back to the beginning, instead of arriving at a singularity that explodes, you arrive at a massive collision of two kinds of space, namely Positive Vacuum Energy Space (PVEs) and Negative Vacuum Energy Space minus X (NVEs - x) where X is a small value of energy density that gives our universe a positive bias. In this collision the PVEs has a slightly greater energy density than the NVEs - x. (i.e. thus the minus x) It's this energy density differential, between positive and negative energy densities, that leads to our universe's relative abundance of normal matter.

Big Smash Theory Image One

A Big-Bang-like event occurs as PVEs and NVEs - x, collide in an abrupt manner as boundary layer energy is released.

Big Smash Theory Image Two

Inflation occurs during initial collision (a better drawing would help here.)

Big Smash Theory Image Three

The Quantum world is the result of a bias in the overlap of the two spaces with normal matter being the result and anti-matter never really having much of a chance. Thus our universe is a normal matter universe that expands as the overlap progresses. Normal matter is kind of a precipitate from a positively biased quantum world.

Big Smash Theory Image Four



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